Saturday, May 10, 2014

All Moved In

We've been in the new house 10 days.  The bulk of our belongings are unpacked.  I've been meaning to update the blog, but I only just found my camera today.  I thought I had lost it during the move.  I thought I'd at least update with some pictures of what the house look liked finished, before we moved me.  We took these pictures after closing.

Garage, which is currently so full of stuff we can't park in it. 

Mud room.  There are currently 4100 shoes there.  Ok, maybe 12.

We closed on Monday, my kitchen was unpacked Tuesday while I waited for the internet and fridge to be installed. 

Living room, furniture was delivered Friday after closing.  Three days with just bean bag chairs.  Not cool.

 This is the first floor office.  Currently, like 5% unpacked.

Dining Room.  Furniture also delivered Friday. We've actually eaten two meals there.  It's pretty cool.

View from the front door.

Stairs going up.  There are 16 stairs. Holy hell.  I'm gonna have some bangin' legs soon. 

Master bedroom; it's incredible how big this room is. 

Master bath, it is mostly unpacked.  While I love the look of the all glass shower, it feels like showering in a fish bowl.  And, the glass is already dirty.  I think I'm going to try some RainEx to try and keep it cleaner longer.

Master vanity, I'm loving having my own sink.  For the record, the mirror on my husbands side is already dirty. Mine? Not so much.

Master Powder Room. Not much to say about the pooper.

Already talked about the shower.  I did get a cool thing to hold bath stuff so they aren't all over the bench.  I'll take 'after' pics soon.

Hallway looking from the Master bedroom. That's a lot of carpet to vacuum, by the way.

Front facing bedroom, son #2's room.

Laundry/ cat room. 

Fifth bedroom/ art studio.  This room is also not unpacked, but has boxes very neatly stacked. 

I realized I am missing pictures of my older sons room, the kids bathroom and the basement.  Oops.  I'll still be sure to take some after pics.  

We are 10 days into our 30 day check up.  I really don't have a lot.  Our floor outlet, which is a half hot, isn't working.  The carpet looks a bit weird in one spot by the stairs.  But, the carpet continues to be an ongoing issue for me.  I continue to walk over hard spots in the carpet.  We talked about this in our final walkthrough and they did fix a few spots.  The PM told me they were likely nail pops; we should hammer them and they'd be ok.  That's dandy, but why am I feeling them in the basement, which is on a slab? I was here on the day they installed the carpet the first time, and I don't think they fully cleaned the floor before putting the pad down.  In other words, I think I'm stepping on bits of drywall mud and who know what else that they didn't clean.  GRRRR.  If I'm right, this will severely, cut the life of my carpet.  So, I have to figure that out.  

Currently, most of our leftover boxes are non critical boxes that were in storage before we moved. And our master closet.  I might spend mothers day organizing my closet.  Woo hoo.  


  1. The house looks great! I LOVE your shower -- hoping ours comes out just like it. We skipped a glamour tub and instead opted for a 5' shower and linen closet.

    On the carpet, I'd find a hard spot near a wall and have them pull up and show me it's a nail pop. It's super easy to re-lay a little bit of carpet.

  2. Gorgeous!! Grab a cheap squeegee for the shower to stay clean.... I thought this to be the most bizarre of things, but it works, the shower glass stays nice and clean and it take 2 seconds when you are done. And holy hell to 16 steps is right! I swear I have muscles in my legs again!!

  3. WOW, it is beautiful!!!! I am so excited for you! CONGRATS!!!! I love the finishes. BEAUTIFUL!