Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Documentation

Things seem to be moving along.  Bob has received a few emails from the loan gal.  We had to get a copy of the check for our paid federal income taxes to show they were paid. I'm guessing this is to make sure Uncle Sam's not going to want to put a lien on our home any time soon. The bigger project is that Bob has to document every deposit into the business account for the past two months, matching them to his invoices. Blah.  It's not really something I can do to help, and I don't envy having to do that. 

We also received an updated purchase agreement in the mail.  It didn't include the flooring. I wasn't real concerned but went ahead and called our sales rep.  Turns out Ryan sends these out every few weeks or so, so it will be on the next one. She did tell me they are moving things along on her end. Although it's possible it could change, we are on schedule to meet with the PM the last week of December and to break ground right after the first of the year. Fingers are crossed that we keep on track!

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