Thursday, January 2, 2014

The lot is cleared!

The lot that we are building on was the lot that has been owned by Ryan homes.  As such, there was a concrete washout and a couple of trailers on it.  

I have no idea how old this photo is.  Pretty old, I'd guess.  There are a lot of empty lots in this picture (courtesy of Google Maps).  From this view currently, ours is the only empty lot.... and covered in about 5 inches of snow.  

When we drove by earlier this week, every thing is gone, except some new black tarpy stuff (the tarp keeps the dirt from washing into the street and into the back of the lot.  We are moving along!   

We meet with the PM on Monday and they are supposed to break ground on Wednesday.  I don't know if the above mentioned snow will stop any of this. My husband is a structural engineer, so he has quite a bit of experience with construction.  He isn't too worried about the cold weather for pouring the basement - since it's warmer below ground, freezing isn't as much of an issue. However, he has some concerns about pouring the garage slab this time of year.  One of the questions he'll be asking the PM is what their guidelines are for pouring this time of year, since this is arguably the worst couple of months to do it.  I imagine we'll have another update Monday or Wednesday.   Wish us luck!

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