Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wednesday Update - Construction Stalled

Every Wednesday the PM and the Sales Rep (SR) are scheduled to call us to give us updates on the house.  The weather has been so cold here that nothing has been done since the footers were poured.  No real surprise there. We actually are relieved they aren't pressing to move forward with the concrete right now.  Pouring concrete under the wrong temperature can create spalling and can reduce the strength of the concrete.  The SR asked if we've heard anything more from NVR mortgage.  We haven't yet, but we know that they will be asking for additional information through the process.  This was one of the things that I've read from other blogs - most people were surprised by the level of detail that NVR may require.  We've experienced some of this already.  She advised us that we would likely hear more from them when the framing begins as that would put us closer to our 60 day from the end of construction.  That's it for now... hopefully the weather will warm up soon and we'll have some more action on the home!

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