Monday, February 3, 2014

Mother Nature is a mother.....

My least favorite phrase of the year is 'polar vortex'. Indiana, along with many other states, has been blasted by weather than is unusually cold, even for January. We obviously knew that starting in January was a bit dicey, but we never expected this.  The SR from Ryan says they're used to having a couple of delay days but not week after week.  On a randomly 'warm' day I drove by and the concrete company was there.  I found out that they were preparing to place the gravel down for the basement.  While exciting, this is the only thing they have been able to do since the poured the footers. It doesn't look like much will get done this week either.  Starting tomorrow we might potentially get 6" - 9" of of snow. We might get a few days reprieve and then....more snow. If the long term forecast is accurate it might get nicer next week.  (Fingers and toes crossed). At this rate the house probably won't be done until early May.  We originally weren't in a big hurry, but we would like to be moved (and settled) by Memorial Day. So, the wait goes on.  With any luck, my next post will include more progress. 

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