Monday, January 12, 2015

Master Closet Update

When we first began talking about options with Ryan Homes, I was disappointed there was not an option to upgrade closet shelving. I do not like the wire shelving at all. In the bedrooms my main complaint is the dividers for the hanger area. You cannot slide clothes more than about 10 inches. I believe the shelving is made by Rubbermaid; they have a better hanger option but it's just not what Ryan uses. In the pantry my complaint is that the wire shelving is uneven and difficult for storing food. I did find a cheap fix for the pantry; the container store makes some plastic liners that help the unevenness. Completely redoing the master closet simply isn't in the budget at the moment, so I've been trying to figure out what to do. This week Menard's had the Rubbermaid Max Add On closet system for $16 after rebate. That is in my budget. So here are some 'before' shots of our closet. 

Notice the errant Racquetball Racquet. Yeah...

Ta Da! I was able to move the shelf up and install this all by myself.  Initally, I was concerned about moving the shelf by myself.  Hubby showed me I just had to pry the nails out carefully with a curved screwdriver.  Using a level, I moved each of the holes up 14 inches.  I even used a screw gun to put new holes in.  I was able to reuse all the existing shelving hardware; even the anchor bolts came out undamaged.  I did move the right most support over about 5 inches so that it did not interfere with the shelving system.  I patched the holes from the initial placement before I installed the add on unit. The add on unit itself required only a measuring tape - no other tools required.  It was very easy.  My side of the closet now looks like this: 

I did purge some things, which really needed to be done anyway.  I have another unit to install on hubby's side, but I suggested he needs to purge some items too before doing that.

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