Monday, January 12, 2015

Pantry Update

 So the pantry is a great size.  I love that the shelves aren't too deep.  The highest shelf is a bit high, but there's always things you don't use as often, right?  That being said, we also have the 9 foot ceilings, so I feel like there's a lot of wasted space up there.  I have things stacked a bit higher than I'd like on the top shelf.  I'm considering hanging another shelf up there.  Anyway, I had purchased a bunch of red baskets at our local Dollar Tree that I was using in the laundry room at the old house. At the time I bought extra and I'm so glad I did; I used every one of them in the pantry.  I really like having things organized.  In a pantry this big I feel like things need to be in a specific place or you'll never find it.  I probably lose a bit of space by using the baskets, but it's ok; I probably have more than I need and it keeps me from stocking up on things I don't need.  

If I lived by myself I probably wouldn't need labels on everything; I'd know where everything is, right??? Since I don't, this helps everyone else find things so they're not asking me every time they need something.  I got the idea from Pinterest to hang some baskets from the bottom using shower hooks.  I keeps stuff for the kids down there as well as extra plastic bags.  It works wonderfully.

Since we built on a basement, we have a big closet upstairs between two of the extra bedrooms.  It is gigantic.  It currently has an old bakers rack in there to store extra sheets and towels for the kids room, as well as some totes and our vacuum.  This closet is desperately in need of some organization and I hope to tackle that this summer.  

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