Monday, November 11, 2013

Exciting News! We are building a new home!

This is it.  We've made the choice, the leap, the final decision.  Here's the back story.  Bob and I bought our current home in May of 2002, three months after getting married.  It was supposed to be our 'starter' home.  We thought we would like here 3-5 years then move into something bigger, something better.  Slowly the economy and banking industry began to crumble.  Banks were going under due to sub par mortgages.  People were foreclosing on houses they could no longer afford in a poor economy. Everyone talked about the drop in home prices and the inability to sell homes. So, we stayed in our house a bit longer.  

Fast forward to 2011, Bob was doing well at work and we tossed around the idea to building a custom home.  We looked at floor plans to purchase, purchased software to create your own floor plans.   Then, Bob was presented with an incredible opportunity to start his own firm.  We knew that we would not have the time to do a custom build.  We also knew that since I am a stay at home mom, if Bob became self employed it would be a while until we could likely be approved for a new mortgage.  So, we stayed in our house a bit longer.

It's now close the the end of 2013.  We have been looking online at homes for sale for several months.  Our close friend and Realtor has taken us to a few to look at.  One Sunday afternoon when Bob wasn't working, we decided to drive around a few neighborhoods and walk through some model homes.  Our first stop was Ryan Homes.  We chose to go there first because they were the first builder to open (everyone else was opening an hour later.)  We met with a friendly sales rep, who wasn't too pushy.  We found a couple of floor plans that we really liked.  Over the next month we continued to look at existing houses and had a few meetings with the Ryan Sales Rep to go over things. During one of those meetings we found that Ryan had re-released another floor plan to build which we hadn't seen previously.  So, we aren't staying in our house much longer.  

On Sunday November 10th, we made the final decision to build the Verona with Ryan Homes.  Our paperwork is signed and our preliminary choices are made.  We've also decided not to wait, and so depending on how the financial approval process goes (it will be more lengthy due to Bob's self employment) we may break ground as early as next month and our home may be finished as early as April.  

This is an incredibly exciting time for our family.  So, I've decided to start this blog to document this time and help our out of town family and friends keep track of this process with us.  Hang on tight, it's going to be a fun ride!

Ryan Homes, Chateaux at Woodfield

About the Verona

Verona Floor Plan Options

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