Sunday, November 24, 2013

Other Bathroom and Flooring Choices

There will be two other bathrooms in the house, one on the main level which I think of the guest bath because it's right by the guest room.  The other one is upstairs and will be the boys bathrooms.  The options in these two bathrooms will be the same except the boys bathroom has two sinks.  The pictures I took of these cabinets and ceramic don't seem as accurate as they are in person.  

Carpet will be in most of the main rooms; all the bedrooms, the office, the family room and the dining room.  In all of these rooms we will have the same carpet throughout.  There will be a different but complementary carpet in the basement.  The first picture is the main carpet.  It doesn't really show the flecking that is in the carpet, but you get the idea.

This is the basement carpet.  Pretty standard carpet.  

We will have a stone fireplace in the family room on the main level.  There is one of these in the model home and it is so pretty.  Below is an example of what the fireplace looks like and then a picture of the actual stone we chose.  

Finally, the laundry room will have a resilient vinyl flooring.  Nothing special here, but functional.  

Tomorrow I'll add details for the outside brick and color choices.  

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