Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guardian Walk Through

This morning we had our walk through with the Guardian Rep.  It was a pretty straightforward meeting.  It was technically our first time to walk through the house since being framed (but I went one day last week after the crew had left.)  It was however my husbands first time through.  Every other room he walked in, he would say "this house is so big!"  It's true, we are kinda building an obnoxiously big house. Anyway, our purpose today was to finalize the placement of our internet and cable wires as well as the securing system. Walking through we realized that some of our special requests had not yet been done.  They included removing the closet in the laundry room and placing a closet in the guest bath downstairs.  We also realized that the extra gas line had not been run to the backyard.  We weren't too concerned but wanted to let the PM know before our pre drywall meeting.  We figured the earlier he knew, the easier it would be for him to fix.  On his way out, my husband stopped at the model home, PM#2 was there and explained to him that sometimes the framers get tunnel vision and miss special requests on the plans.  He said they would be walking through this week to recheck everything, make sure things were level, etc.  He said it would be addressed then.  Awesome.  

It looks like our pre drywall meeting will probably happen on Friday and then they will be drywalling next week.  I took my camera with today, however, I did not take the camera batteries.  Yup, I'm a smart cookie sometimes. Shouldn't matter too much, we'll take plenty of pictures on Friday.  I want to be able to fully document whats going on under the drywall in case we have any questions in the years to come.  Everything looks great so far and we are super excited with the way everything is moving along.  

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