Monday, March 24, 2014

This week's progress

We went back to the house Saturday evening and they had already began to tear the brick down.  They only brick that was remaining was by the garage; I think they stopped there because the dumpster was full.  Sunday I went to get preliminary window measurements.  Afterwards I stopped by the sales office to talk to the SR.  After talking to her about what happened, she mentioned that gal who does the ordering is pregnant and has 'pregnancy brain'.  She thinks she probably just input the wrong code since we didn't make any deviations from the recommended color groupings.  I feel bad for the gal...I hope she doesn't get in too much trouble, but man, what a costly mistake.  

Now I am beginning the process of window coverings.  Holy cow, that is overwhelming.  When we bought our current house the previous owners left all the window coverings.  We've only had to replace a few and we've generally selected inexpensive options. I'm now trying to balance getting quality blinds that will last a long time vs. inexpensive blinds that I can get up quick.  I feel like I want to get the bedroom window coverings up pretty quick, but I want to make sure I either don't spend a lot in case I don't like them or make sure I get something that will go with however I choose to decorate down the line. We have 22 windows and sliding door to cover.  I am also overwhelmed by the potential cost of this. I think we are going to go with a cellular shade option for the bedrooms for now and get the rest of the windows as well as curtains later.  I stopped in JCPenney, they have a designer that will come out and help you with the process.  Of course, I can't get the designer out until we close on the house and then it takes a minimum of two weeks for the blinds to come in after they are ordered.  

I emailed the PM today to find out what our schedule is like for the week. They are hoping to begin to put the correct brick up this week as well as pour the garage slab if they weather is nice enough.  They will also be priming the walls and ceilings and putting the vinyl and ceramic flooring in.  Next week the trim and cabinets should go in.  

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