Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lucky 13, Number 10

Today my husband is working on packing the garage up.  Being outside reminds me of my number 10 thing I'm looking forward to.

Lot and HOA

We are currently on a corner lot. Much of our usable yard is on the side of the house and a bit awkward. Plus, my husband has lots of sidewalk to maintain. (He's one of those yard guys that edges the sidewalk several times a year.) Our street is a main thorough fair in the neighborhood so we get trash and yucky stuff in the yard. The lot size at the new house is almost identical in size to the current house, but the way it is situated on the lot makes more sense.  We have a true backyard. We also currently have about 11 full grown trees and while it's pretty, they all leaf out at different times, so hubs seems to be always raking.  We have a gorgeous gum tree, but it drops these little spikey balls all over the side yard which makes walking through that side of the yard painful. We are actually happy to have a few less trees! Hubs did build a tree house for the kids, and I will miss that though. Our new street isn't a through street so we should have less traffic. I know plenty of people that aren't happy to have a home owners association, but we are actually happy to have a HOA. We like to maintain our yard and are happy to live in a place that seems like people also take care of their yards.  Having an HOA helps enforce that - no broken down cars and so on.

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