Monday, April 14, 2014

My Lucky 13, part 3

Another day to post a positive thing about the new house.  Another thing that I am really looking forward to is:  

Mud room

If I had my druthers the mudroom would be slightly larger, but I'm not about to get picky since the house is so large as it is. In our current house, the kitchen is the first room off of the garage and it is the door we use most often.  There is no place to put anything when you walk in that way.  We walk through the kitchen into the front room where a small coat closet for us and our guests.  Right now my kids have trouble hanging their coats so the end up in a chair in our front room.  There's no place for shoes, so they go on the stairs. In the new house, our coats will go in the closet in the mudroom. We'll build some sort of coat storage hooks for guests in our entryway. A mudroom will keep the house much cleaner. I'm thinking of putting up hooks instead of hangers for coats. I find that the hooks always get used first in my current coat closet, so it only makes sense to have more.  

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  1. We found a coat hook shelf thing that goes on the wall. It's too long to hang outside the mudroom closet, so it will go inside the closet. We asked the pm to case the door opening but not actually hang the door. So it's like open closet storage but will be organized. The two doors in that space would cause chaos between kids coming in and those trying to hang their coats.