Friday, April 11, 2014

My Lucky 13, part 2

Today I began going through the desk to purge some papers that we don't need anymore.  For a while today our front room was COVERED in papers. Actually it still is a little bit but I'm working on it.  This brings me to #2 on my list:

Office for my husband 

Right now our office is our front room. There is no privacy an fits hard for him to work from home. Since he owns his own business this is an important space for him. This room also seems to be a catch all for everything.  In the current house it's the first room you see and always cluttered.  That shouldn't happen anymore!

This room actually used to have a fourth bookshelf and all of them were filled to the brim.  I removed a bookshelf and a lot of the items on them for staging purposes.  The room is never, ever this clean. Well, it has been since we've been on the market, but it's a chore.  My least favorite room in the house, I think.  See that blue chair?  All winter coats collect on it.  Not for long!

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