Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Lucky 13, part 1

Since we are 18 days away from closing, I've decided to post on the things I'm most looking forward to in our new house.  I've got 13 things so far, so I'm calling it my lucky 13.  Our new home will have more than twice the living area of our current home. There are so many things I'm looking forward to, these aren't necessarily in order. 

Bigger kitchen

Here's my kitchen now.  We've recently updated this kitchen.  We stained the existing cabinets and replaced and stained the doors.  The colors are actually very similar to the cabinets we chose for the new house. We put the microwave exhaust up and put the wine rack above it. We also tiled the backsplash. The cabinet next to the pantry was also added, giving me an extra cabinet.  

With the addition of that cabinet, I have 10 usable cabinets.  (I have two above my fridge that are small and basically unusable.)  My kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim right now and some of my kitchen items are in my laundry closet.  I think I will have roughly 19 cabinets in the new house. I can't wait to have everything in the kitchen with more space so we aren't so crowded. You can walk into the new pantry.  Our current pantry is deep, but the shelves are so deep, it's easy to 'lose' things in the back.  Things will be more organizable in the new pantry. I also can't wait for more counter space. I like to cook and I like to host gatherings, and the current kitchen just isn't conducive to that.  

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